Show Case Project – An Outline

I. Think of what your headline might be:

“Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command”: What The 2018 Midterm Election Meant to Young People

II. What will your written story say?

I was really interested in this topic after we had to do a post about it for class. I would like to do more research into how the young people of NYC (and probably the rest of NY state as well) voted in the midterms and what their thoughts were.

II. Whom will it quote

  • Brooklyn College students
  • Other students across the city?
  • Other students across the state?
  • Political officials who ran in this past midterm election

III. What data will it use? (It doesn’t have to be data-heavy but it should show signs of strong reporting, so that, for example, if it’s about cricket, we’ll want to know about the number of people involved in cricket, perhaps citywide or whatever, and how much money is involved, how much each member of a team or how much the team sponsor puts out. Don’t bore the reader with numbers. Just make the numbers fit into the flow of your written post. The written post should be smooth, comfortable, funny if you want, witty if you want – but it should also show signs you gave it thought and put some research into it.)

  • Stats on how many young people actually did vote
  • Stats on how many young people are actually registered to vote
  • Maybe a pie chart or graphic showing which candidates young people voted for most or least (who were the most and least popular candidates)

IV. What hyperlinks?

  • hyperlinks to different voting resources (like
  • links to democratic offices/websites perhaps

V. What photos will you have? Dress your post up with interesting photos that are symmetrically arranged. The pictures should vary; and they should be yours or you should otherwise have the legal right to use them!

  • maybe photos of the different candidates?

VI. Who will be in your video post? Will it be video or an interesting series of photos? Will you do a voice-over in your own voice? Will you overlace it with audio of someone else you recorded? Will you use music? Perhaps search for the music now and try to have it ready on a drive, so that your job is easier when it comes time to put it all together. Don’t forget to credit anyone whose music you use, even when it’s from Creative Commons. Credit them at the end, in a credits text frame and/or in the body of your written post.

  • I’d like it to mostly be student testimonial stuff, but doing some voiceover work could definitely be an option.

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