Midterm Mindsets – Young People Discuss Their Thoughts Post-Election

We’ve managed to make it through two whole years of the Trump presidency. Congratulations to us. But aside from being the halfway marker, the first week in November meant something else or millions of people across America: the arrival of the midterm elections and the chance to finally be able to create change in the house and senate.

And change did come. The democrats won big and managed to gain control of the house. This is first time Democrats have caused such an upheaval sine the 1974 elections ater Watergate. While Republicans still have the majority in the Senate, this is a considerable step in the right direction for anti-Trumpers.

Perhaps the most important group of people who took to the polls on November 6th? The youth of America. Watch the video below to hear from just a couple young people who were eager to cast their votes.

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