A BC Grad in the Ballpark


What’s better than watching your favorite sports teams? Writing about them, of course. And that’s exactly what Laura Albanese, a Brooklyn College gradaute, has been doing for over ten years.

Having graduated with her degree in journalism in 2007, Albanese worked for a variety of different publications, including the Daily News, and now as a sportswriter for Newsday. But her passion for covering sports was not her first plan; she began her career covering local crime and going to court hearings.

“I loved covering breaking news in the time that I did it, but I was completely entranced by the larger-than-life stories that came from covering a sports beat, and not just when it came to the pros, ” she said. “I was able to follow and write about high school sports for years – from the pitcher with only three fingers, to young women who broke barriers, becoming the first girls in their schools and communities to ever play for a varsity football team.”

Now, her job takes her all over the country. She followed both the Mets and the Yankees as they each embarked on successful playoff runs, though she has never forgotten the hard work that women sportswriters before her have put in in order to be taken seriously.

“In 10 years covering sports, I’ve seen more and more women break into an overwhelmingly male-dominated field – doing it with intelligence, resolve, skill, and more than a little chutzpah. It’s been really, really cool.”

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